Can I submit an application as an individual and as part of a collaborative group?
No, artists may only submit one application in each cycle. You will have to choose between submitting as an individual and as a member of a collaborative group.

I am planning a collaborative project with another artist. Should we apply as a collaborative group?
Collaborative applications are intended for artists who have a history of working together over a period of time. Members of the collective/partnership may also have solo practices, but this category is not intended for solo artists collaborating on a single project.

I do not make my living as an artist. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. Many applicants and fellows are not full-time artists, supporting themselves through their artmaking. However, you must be a professionally active artist, which means you should be able to demonstrate a commitment to your practice through ongoing production/activity, artistic exploration, and participation, as appropriate, in the discipline and the local arts community.

May I apply as a performance artist?
For performance art to qualify, the applicant must be a visual artist and the originator of the performance; visual art must be intrinsic to the work; and performances must occur in a visual art context.

I am a documentary filmmaker. Am I eligible for a Nohl Fellowship?
The Nohl Fellowship is intended for artists, including film/videomakers, but we do distinguish between experimental and traditional documentary. You will need to make the case that your work is made by an artist who is pushing the creative boundaries of the art form (this could include the delivery of the content, the approach to ideas, and the way the film is shot, among other things).

Who qualifies as the lead applicant for filmmakers?
Generally, we consider the director of a film with a crew to be the “artist” and the one eligible to apply for the fellowship. In cases where small collectives or partnerships have a history of working together, they may apply as a collective. Because this is a visual art fellowship, writers are not eligible to apply as lead applicants.


I moved to the four-county area recently. Am I eligible to apply?
You must have resided in the four-county area for the twelve months prior to the application deadline (barring temporary absences) to be eligible to apply.

My studio is within the four-county area, but my residence is not. Am I still eligible to apply?
For the purposes of this fellowship, residency refers to the county where you vote and pay taxes. Therefore, having a studio within the four-county area is not enough to qualify as a resident. An applicant must also have a residential street mailing address within the four counties to be eligible to apply.


I previously won a Nohl Fellowship. When can I reapply?
Artists who won in the established category prior to the 2017 cycle may reapply in the established category in the current (2024) cycle. Artists who won in the emerging category prior to the 2019 cycle may apply in the established category in the current (2024) cycle. At present, there is no limit on the number of times an artist can receive a Nohl Fellowship in the established category.

I previously won a Nohl Fellowship as an emerging artist. Can I reapply as an emerging artist?
No. Artists who have already won a Nohl Fellowship in the emerging category can only reapply in the established category.


May I include images of details in my work sample?
Details can be helpful in conveying information about a work—its surface or materials, for instance—that is not visible in an image of the entire work. Keep in mind that a detail image counts toward your total of 8 images.

When may I use time-based documentation for my work?
If time-based media is not your primary medium, avoid using this option when documenting work (three-dimensional or kinetic work, performance, installation). Jurors are accustomed to making sense of these kinds of work through still images.

I work across media and my work sample includes still images (JPGs) and time-based media. What should I submit as a work sample?
Applicants are permitted to submit a mix of still and moving images if they are relevant to their practice. However, the quantities of each type of work you submit will be different. For emerging artists, one still image is the equivalent of 37.5 seconds of time-based media, so for each JPG you submit, subtract 37.5 seconds from the 5-minute total of video (e.g., you could submit 4 JPGs and 2.5 minutes of video). For established artists, one still image is the equivalent of 52.5 seconds of time-based media, so for each JPG you submit, subtract 52.5 seconds from the 7-minute total of video (e.g., you could submit 4 JPGs and 3.5 minutes of video). In mixed samples, all electronic images are viewed, then all moving images.

I am a filmmaker but do not have enough samples showing my work as a director. May I show other time-based work?
You will need at least one sample of a work you directed, but you may also show work in which you took other roles (please specify in your sample metadata).


When and how will I find out if I received a fellowship?
On Friday, November 10, 2023, the 6 established finalists and 6 emerging finalists will be contacted individually by email. All other applicants will be notified via email at that time. Upon completion of the studio visits (and no later than midday, Sunday, December 3, 2023), the administrator will call the two established fellows and three emerging fellows, and will email the other finalists in each category to share the results.

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