Visitor Guidelines

The Lynden Sculpture Garden welcomes all visitors. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone and to protect the beauty and environmental integrity of the Sculpture Garden, please follow the simple rules below. Failure to observe these rules may result in the violator being asked to leave the premises.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Check in at the front desk in the main house (paper maps are available at the front desk).
  • For the safety of all concerned, we ask you to be respectful of others.
  • Don’t touch the sculpture.
  • Click here to download a map.
  • Access virtual tours and activities at

Lynden reserves the right to:
• Limit entry if there are too many visitors on the grounds.


There are no paths at the Lynden Sculpture Garden. We strongly advise suitable footwear.

No Climbing on Sculpture

Do not climb on the sculptures. They are works of art, just as you would find in an indoor art museum, and are subject to the same issues of deterioration – and they endure the vagaries of our harsh climate. Many of the works have already spent nearly half a century outdoors and are quite fragile. Please be gentle with our art.

Lakes & Pond

There is no wading, swimming or fishing allowed in the lakes or pond. Please do not throw anything into these bodies of water.

Vegetation & Wildlife

Please do not pick our flowers, fruits, or grasses, or climb the trees. We want every visitor to be able to enjoy the same views you have experienced. Protect our wildlife: do not feed, chase or touch fish, ducks, geese, frogs, turtles or other wildlife.


All visitors must come inside immediately if there is any sign of lightning.


Pets are not allowed in the Lynden Sculpture Garden, except for on Dog Days. Guide and/or service dogs are welcome.


Vehicles are allowed only in the parking lots. Driving on access roads or any walkways is strictly prohibited. The house and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. A push wheelchair is available for use; please call ahead to make arrangements. The sculptures are located on grassy lawns without paths, and many of the surfaces are uneven. Shoes must be worn at all times. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact us at or 414.446.8794.


The Lynden Sculpture Garden is a smoke-free facility, indoors and out. Children must be accompanied by an adult and be within reach at all times for their safety. All refuse must be deposited in the appropriate receptacles. As a courtesy to other visitors, please silence your cell phones.


Due to copyright restrictions, visitor safety and access concerns, no commercial photography or videography is allowed on Lynden Sculpture Garden property without permission. Personal photography/videography with handheld equipment is permitted, but reproduction or publication of still or moving images of the house, permanent collection, gardens, grounds or temporary exhibitions is strictly prohibited (this includes posting images on the internet, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube or any other electronic/digital platform). Professional/commercial artists and photographers, as well as those doing personal special occasion photography, must receive permission to use the Lynden Sculpture Garden as a resource.

Click here for our complete photography policies.

Please contact us at if you have questions about the guidelines.

Thank you and enjoy your visit to the Lynden Sculpture Garden.

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