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More Colombe Marcasiano Pictures

October 29, 2012

Yesterday, to mark the end of her month-long residency at Lynden, Paris-based artist Colombe Marcasiano gave an artist talk about her work at the garden. Throughout her time here, Colombe temporarily installed and then deinstalled multiple works. For her talk she put up three pieces including the birdhouses pictured below.

Colombe Marcasiano Continues to Experiment in the Garden...

October 24, 2012

See our previous blog post about Colombe Marcasiano's work at Lynden here.

Colombe Marcasiano's Conversation with Lynden

October 16, 2012

Colombe Marcasiano, Lynden's first long term artist-in-residence is currently in the middle of her month-long stay at Lynden, and we wanted to post a preview of the work she's been doing. Right now, Marcasiano seems to be having a conversation with the garden; she's making pieces, siting them on the grounds and then bringing them back inside. To discover the final result of this conversation, join us on October 28th for the unveiling of her outdoor installation.

Nohl Fellow Update: Richard Galling

September 3, 2012

2011 Nohl Fellow Richard Galling is part of a group show at PEREGRINEPROGRAM in Chicago called Did You See Heaven: WYSIWYG. The exhibition was selected as a Top 5 Weekend Pick by Bad at Sports.

For more on Galling's work, click here.

Nohl Fellow Update: Sonja Thomsen

August 23, 2012

Sonja Thomsen: lacuna

2011 Nohl Fellow Sonja Thomsen will be showing an iteration of her 2009 installation, Lacuna, at Catherine Edelman Gallery's project space, Ctrl+P: Photography taken offline. The show (Headliner: Terry Evans and Ctrl+P: Sonja Thomsen) opens Friday, September 7th and runs through October 27th, 2012. Thomsen has previously exhibited Lacuna in Reykjavik Iceland; Milwaukee WI; Madison WI; New Jersey NY; Indianapolis IN; and Rochester NY.

For more on the show, click here.

For more on Thomsen's work, click here.

Harry & Peg Bradley's Backyard Barbecue Slideshow

August 17, 2012

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make our first ever fundraiser for our education programs a success. Enjoy a slideshow of the festivities below, courtesy of Claire Ruzicka, who took pictures of the event.

Coming (and Going) Attractions Pictures

July 18, 2012

We'd like to give a big (and slightly belated) thank you to everybody who attended Coming (and Going) Attractions this past Sunday. Claire Ruzicka took some wonderful photos of the event. I've posted a few below, but to see the entire set, click here.

Photo: Claire Ruzicka

Photo: Claire Ruzicka
Roy Staab

Photo: Claire Ruzicka
Jon Mueller

Photo: Claire Ruzicka
Lingo DanceTheatre

Photo: Claire Ruzicka
Juniper Tar

Nohl Fellow Update: William Andersen & Mark Escribano

July 13, 2012

2004 Nohl Fellow William Andersen recently sold a piece from his 2005 Nohl Exhibition, Mi er wa qi, to our good friends at Chipstone. The piece, a chinoiserie drill (pictured below), is displayed alongside other works by Andersen at Chipstone.

Mi er wa qi, 2005, William Andersen

Mark Escribano, a 2003 Nohl fellow, has a great Q&A with Art City's Mary Louise Schumacher over on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site. The conversation touches on Escribano's move from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, his recent work on several "orphaned" art films he began while living in Milwaukee, and more. Read the interview here.

Nohl Fellow Update

July 3, 2012

Nicholas Lampert, one of the Established artists awarded a 2011 Nohl Fellowship, collaborated with Dan S. Wang for a print in Zone of Contention: The U.S./Mexico Border at the Weatherspoon Art Museum at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. The exhibition was curated by Xandra Eden, one of the jurors who selected the 2011 Nohl Fellows, and who became accquainted with Lampert's work during that process.

For more info on Zone of Contention and to see an image of Lampert and Wang's print, click here.

Return of the Rickey

June 27, 2012


As some visitors to the garden have noticed, George Rickey's Peristyle--Three Lines (1963-1964) has been absent from its perch on the patio by the pool for some time now. Because the "three lines" of Peristyle's title are moving parts, it was necessary to bring the sculpture indoors during the windiest months to avoid damage. But now (despite today's wind) the Rickey returns to its rightful location!


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