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Saturday, July 10 2021

July 10, 2021 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm


Visitors to Lynden must adhere to our social distance walking visitor guidelines.

This year, we are offering HOME 2021 as a series of dispersed events spanning the summer. These events will be small, in order to conform with public health guidelines, and will take place outdoors on Lynden’s grounds. We hope that these events, when taken together, will capture the spirit of art, food, and performance that we experienced at the HOME 2019 outdoor festival.

12pm - Congo Gospel Music Band (Congolese)
1pm - Karen Milwaukee Music Band (Burmese)
1.30pm - Qays Alakeidy (Iraqi)
2pm - Golden Melody Music Band U.S.A (Burmese)
3pm - Spring Star Music Band (Burmese)
4pm - Samba Da Vida (Afro-Brazilian percussion)

Program and timing are subject to change.

Golden Melody Music Band U.S.A. (Burmese) is led by Burmese Muslim Mohammad Hasan alongside volunteer singers, and managed by Burmese grassroots community worker Moe Aung. Hasan captures his audience with a nostalgic style and persona, both poised and enigmatic, and with sounds of yesteryear. He plays international music, oldies, and classic rock songs in Myanmar, English and Hindi (Bollywood). Hasan and his rotating band members perform at farmer’s markets, community fundraisers, and practically anywhere that they are called for. At the Lynden Sculpture Garden, Golden Melody has performed at HOME celebrations since 2019. In 2021, inspired by community activism and the Spring Revolution in his homeland and locally, Hasan has expanded his line-up to include new band members and new music representing the diverse ethnic groups of Myanmar, calling themselves the Spring Star Music Band. Hasan as band advisor and music arranger is joined by musicians from the Karen, Kachin, Chin, and Burmese community.

Karen Milwaukee Music Band (Burmese), organized by Saw Klo Futurestar, performs popular songs in the Karen and Burmese community ranging from spiritual to pop music. A supporter of community directed events, the Karen Milwaukee Music Band joins the HOME celebrations in 2021 in a karaoke-style performance--popular at intimate gatherings but ideal for a community celebration of this size.

Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, Qays Alakeidy is a graphic designer and a musician. He began fine art school and studied filmmaking in his home country, and continues his pursuit at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in graphic design. As an acoustic guitarist, his musical interest is in flamenco and rumba, and his sound can be described as soulful and profound. His motto is "Never stop learning. Never stop creating".

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Congo Gospel Music Band (Congolese) is led and organized by drummer and frontliner Bodack Mondembe. Based at their local church, Congo Gospel Music Band also performs at street and neighborhood events, churches and weddings, and community-led events. They have performed at Beet Street, the annual Fall Harvest Festival by Cactus Club, Friends of Zion worship concert at Benediction Lutheran Church, as well as at HOME World Refugee Day celebrations at the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Their album and music video is forthcoming, and their sound, described as rhythmical, upbeat and infectious, is in high demand.

Milwaukee’s own Brazilian Samba school since 2010 and part of the International Grooversity drumming network spearheaded by Marcus Santos (, Samba Da Vida MKE (Afro-Brazilian percussion) brings together people of all ages to celebrate the Afro-Brazilian and Carnaval traditions of Salvador da Bahia, Rio, and São Paulo. Directed by Julio Pabón and Bony Plog-Benavides, SDV MKE is featured in parades and performances throughout greater Milwaukee and focuses on maintaining and promoting the rich musical culture of Brazil.

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