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Sunday, July 25 2021

July 25, 2021 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Visitors to Lynden must adhere to our social distance walking visitor guidelines.

This year, we are offering HOME 2021 as a series of dispersed events spanning the summer. These events will be small, in order to conform with public health guidelines, and will take place outdoors on Lynden’s grounds. We hope that these events, when taken together, will capture the spirit of art, food, and performance that we experienced at the HOME 2019 outdoor festival.

HOME Dance Day participants include The Kings of the Dance Floor (Tanzanian), Tessy Sheidun and Friends (Rwandan), Al-Ghurba Dabka Group presented by Hanan Refugee Relief Group (Palestinian), Nkauj Hmoob Laim Txias (Hmong), the Multicultural Club of South Division High School (Laotian and Indian), Cyenthia Vijayakumar of Aarambh-Indian Dance School (Indian), and Karen Milwaukee Youth Group (Karen/Burmese).

12 pm - Nkauj Hmoob Laim Txias (Hmong)
12:15 pm - Kathak dance by Cynthia Vijayakumar of Aarambh - Indian Dance School (Indian) -- participatory session
1 pm - Al Ghurba Dabke Dance Group (Palestinian), presented by Hanan Refugee Relief Group -- participatory session
1:30 pm - Multicultural Club of South Division High School (Laotian and Indian)
1:45 pm - Karen Milwaukee Youth Group (Karen/Burmese)
2:30 pm - The Kings of the Dance Floor (Tanzanian)
3:30 pm - Tessy Sheidun and Friends (Rwandan)

Program and timing are subject to change

Cyenthia Vijayakumar is a Kathak dancer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Artistic Director of Aarambh – Indian Dance School, established in February 2019. Vijayakumar received intensive training in the Kathak dance style of Lucknow Gharana from Guru Murari Sharan Gupta and Gurus Hari and Chetna from Bangalore, India. She is currently training under Guru Sujatha Banerjee from London. With many accolades to her name, she was awarded the Sashimani Devadasi Yuva Pratibha Puraskar at the 2018 Devadasi International dance festival in Bhubaneswar, India, and the Nritya Shiromani Award at the 2018 Cuttack Mahotsav in Cuttack, India. She has performed extensively in India and the USA. She is also a 2018 IndianRaga Fellow. Kathak is a North Indian classical dance form comprised of rhythmic footwork, elegant stances, graceful movements and swift pirouettes. For HOME: Dance Day, Vijayakumar will perform a technical piece that is set on a 16-beat rhythmic cycle, followed by an interactive learning session with participants of any age.

The Kings of the Dance Floor is a Tanzanian dance group led by Amanda Alembe. Current members include Meshack Alembe, Bonne and others. With a style and synchronicity that is measured, balanced and upbeat, they dance accompanied by Tanzanian and African tunes, both cultural and traditional, and modern and pop.

Tessy Sheidun and Friends is a dance group created by Sheidun who is from Rwanda. A new but already-known face in the Milwaukee scene, by day Sheidun works in various public health and engagement positions, and by night she can be found offering further connection to the community through her expert emceeing skills and dance background. Tessy Sheidun and Friends will bring to any event, a festive and colorful atmosphere – an experience not to be missed.

Presented by Hanan Refugee Relief Group, Al-Ghurba Dabka Group is a Palestinian folklore dance troop based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, established in 2019 by a number of talented performers. The aim of the troop is to express the spirit of Arab/Palestinian folklore and culture through a combination of traditional and modern dance. After their performance, Al-Ghurba Dabka Group will invite the audience to join in a hands-on session to learn this traditional form of line dance.

Nkauj Hmoob Laim Txias (pronounced Gao Hmong Lie Xia) is a traditional Hmong dance group created by sisters Emily and Paxia Vang. Nkauj Hmoob Laim Txais means the gentle wind of a woman in Hmong. The dance group chose this name as it represented Hmong women from all walks of life. Nkauj Hmoob Laim Txias's core belief is to create an empowering, uplifting, and encouraging sisterhood. As a team, their mission is to promote discipline through dance and community outreach, while also competitively dancing at Hmong dance competitions throughout the Midwest.

Multicultural Club of South Division High School is a school-based club from the South side of Milwaukee organized by a group of highly artistic teenage students and overseen by school social worker and club advisor, Ms Manee Jadolon. Previously performing at HOME 2019 at the Lynden Sculpture Garden for World Refugee Day and other major events throughout the city, the Multicultural Club of South Division High School performs dances relevant to the students’ cultures and ethnicities from across continents and regions in the world. For HOME 2021, the club proudly presents Laotian and Indian dances.

Karen Milwaukee Youth Group will present traditional dance styles and forms from the Karen culture. With historic and indigenous roots to the Southeast Asian region – most reside along the Myanmar (Burma)-Thailand border today – the Karen people are deemed stateless in their own homeland. Resettling all over the globe as refugees, including here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, community-based initiatives and organizations, such as the Karen Milwaukee Youth Group, aim to preserve, promote, and participate in all things Karen. The Karen Milwaukee Youth Group perform movement and dance that is exclusive to their ethnic group, offeriing a unique opportunity for the public to observe and appreciate.

For a complete listing of HOME 2021 events, click here.

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