Residency Program Launch: Reception for Colombe Marcasiano and Yevgeniya Kaganovich

October 28, 2012 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

The reception is free and open to the public.

3:30 pm Nathaniel Stern introduces Yevgeniya Kaganovich's new project
3:50 pm Colombe Marcasiano will give an informal tour of her new work

The Lynden Sculpture Garden Residency Program is designed to enable artists to immerse themselves in Lynden’s sculpture collection, its landscape and the surrounding community for an extended period as they make temporary outdoor work. While artists from further afield live onsite during their residencies, local artists participate through durational projects that bring them to Lynden for multiple engagements. Our primary interest is in three-dimensional work, and in hosting artists who are working, as we are, at the intersection of art and nature.

Join us as we say farewell to Colombe Marcasiano, Lynden's first long-term artist-in-residence, and welcome Yevgeniya Kaganovich, who will launch her latest project, grow. Marcasiano will unveil a new work, a temporary outdoor installation created during her month-long residency. Kaganovich’s project will be introduced by Nathaniel Stern, and will be on view in the house.

Colombe Marcasiano is the first artist selected for a month-long residency at Lynden. She will arrive on September 27, 2012 and will spend the month of October onsite. Marcasiano’s sculpture practice, which often employs recycled wood and discarded and short-lived materials such as cardboard; her history of making site-specific temporary work (both indoors and out); and her interest in responding to different conditions make her an excellent first candidate for the residency. More about the project here.

Yevgeniya Kaganovich’s grow was conceived of as a durational installation, and brings a system of interconnected, plant-like forms, simulating a self-propagating organism in multiple stages of development, into Lynden’s marginal spaces. The organisms are made from reused plastic bags (treated in a variety of ways), and grow over time--the rate determined by the number of bags that are deposited in our bin. Various events and activities are planned throughout the project period, including a demonstration day and a workshop. More about the project and related activities here.

The Colombe Marcasiano residency is made possible in part with the generous support of the Cultural Service of the Consulate General of France in Chicago.

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