KOMERICAN Opening Reception

October 2, 2021 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm


Refreshments will be served.
The program will take place outdoors; visitors will be admitted to the building in small groups to see the exhibition. Building capacity is currently limited to ten people. Masks are required in the building.

KOMERICAN features the work of ten Korean-American artists and examines what it means to be a Korean-in-Wisconsin artist today. Participants include Yeohyun Ahn, Yeonhee Cheong, Kyoung Ae Cho, Okja Kwon, Emma Daisy Hyun Ah Gertel, Mokwon Subsoo Lim, JinMan Jo, Minkyu Lee, Jason S. Yi, and Rina Yoon. KOMERICAN was curated with artist and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty member Kyoung Ae Cho.

KOMERICAN is a part of the UWM Korea Day celebrationof Korean and Korean American culture. (For a full schedule of events, click here.) A formal program, organized by the Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago (KPAC), a nonprofit arts organization that is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and developing Korean traditional performing arts, will begin at 3 pm:

Suwan Choi, Chansoo Lee, Deokhwan Kim, Enna Kim
Samulnori is a seated piece featuring the four core Korean percussion instruments: Janggu (the hourglass drum), Buk (the barrel drum), Kkwaenggwari (the small gong), Jing (the large gong). Together, they create a heart-pounding performance that truly is a force of nature.

Introductory remarks by Dr. Young Sok Kim, Consul General of the Republic of Korea, and by Johannes Britz, Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Daegeum Sanjo
Woosung Jung (Daegeum) and Deokhwan Kim (Janggu)
The daegeum is a large transverse bamboo flute used in traditional Korean music. Sanjo is a solo instrumental piece. It begins slowly and progresses to a faster tempo as the performer improvises melodies within the structured form.

Sangmo Pankut
KPAC's youth ensemble SoriBeat and Woosung Jung (Taepyeongso)
Sangmo Pankut features drumming and dancing with spinning ribbon hats called sangmo. The dynamic rhythms and acrobatic choreography showcase not only the performers’ musical prowess but also their athleticism.

This is a HOME event.

The Korea Day celebrations are hosted by the Korean American Association of Milwaukee and the Korean American Faculty and Staff Association at UWM with the generous support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chicago; the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, Center for International Education, and Language Resource Center; the US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Centers; and BMO Harris.

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