Elnaz Javani: Inner Compulsion Opening Reception

July 23, 2024 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Exhibition on view: July 23-October 27, 2024

Inner Compulsion emerged from the idea of duration, repetition, and the relationship between body, time, and labor. These elements are embodied in black and red hand embroidery stitches on muslin fabric. The pieces are fictional autobiographies, constructing a visual narrative over a seven-year period, revealing an ongoing continuum. Through slow, deliberate marks, they disclose intimate tensions and psychological states, stemming from an inner force to understand the self in relation to everyday experiences. These works are methods of tracking one's being over a limited period, with repetition within the series capturing paused moments of transformation, fueled by memories, stories, and past events, reinforced by the present. This process is a highly intuitive study, creating slow drawings that serve as a visual record of time, reflecting history and its passage. Elnaz Javani is an Iranian artist and educator currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she is an assistant professor and head of Fibers at Colorado State University. This is a HOME program.

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