Active Awakening of Your Creative Self

February 10, 2013 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

A Workshop with Unfettered Genius

Fee: $125/$110 for members (lunch included)

Registration: Space is limited; advance registration required. Click here to register online now; if you prefer not to pay online, download a registration
form here. You will receive additional information once you register.

Unfettered Genius
Active Awakening of Your Creative Self

“Creativity is just intelligence having fun.”
- Albert Einstein

Your genius lies in your most natural, confident, playful self. Enjoy finding and celebrating that self with Unfettered Genius.

Active Awakening is a full-day, small-group retreat that creates a positive, supportive atmosphere. It takes you through a fun, inspiring step-by-step process that will bring your imagination to life and confidence levels to a new high.

Connect with your creative self - leader, lover, nurturer, imaginer - and the best selves of others.

If you want to...

Free your imagination;
Feel good about yourself and your life;
Renew your sense of purpose;
Make meaningful human connections;
Find the natural leader in yourself;
Fall in love with your physical self;
Remember how to play;

Then, the Active Awakening Retreat is for you.

Active Awakening is facilitated by Ron and Susan Fry of Milwaukee’s Optimist Theatre, producer of Shakespeare in the Park. Learn more at

Susan Fry at 262-498-5777 or
Ron Fry at 262-498-9788 or

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