YouSnow Sculptures Persist

March 16, 2011

Santiago Cucullu & Colin Matthe's YouSnow Sculpture, 3/16/11

Despite the warmer weather we've been having, a couple of the YouSnow sculptures are still standing, two and a half weeks after our Winter Carnival. Above, you can see Santiago Cucullu and Colin Matthe's sculpture, finally beginning to melt as the temperature gets up into the 50's. Below, take a look at a picture from this past weekend of Roy Staab's piece, "Prosperity." It's been exciting to watch these piece evolve -- now the question is, will they make it through the warm weather the rest of this week? Come to Lynden today until 5 pm, or Sunday between noon and 5 pm to find out!

Roy Staab's YouSnow Sculpture - 3/13

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