McCaw + Budsberg Go to Utah

May 17, 2011

Inside/Outside artists Shana McCaw + Brent Budsberg are en route to Wendover, Utah to begin a residency with The Center for Land Use Interpretation. The distance from Milwaukee to Wendover is 1558 miles, so, appropriately, they've named their blog documenting the journey 1558 Miles to Wendover.

Brent and Shana will be back at Lynden on June 29 for their Inside/Outside Closing Event. You can join the artists for a picnic at 6:30 pm (bring your own picnic). At 7:30 pm, McCaw + Budsberg will release a small publication and screen a video of their February performance at Lynden. The evening will conclude with the artists re-igniting their outdoor sculpture, Coal-and-ice.

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