Sarah Gail Luther: Reading the Landscape

Artist Sarah Luther is using her residency at Lynden to publish Reading the Landscape, a periodic nature newsletter that explores the way we see, understand, interact with, and have access to nature. Luther is guided by the idea that “there is a lot of overlap between the practice of being an artist, the practice of being in nature, and the practice of being a thoughtful human being.”

This first issue explores the idea of restoration, which was also the theme of Lynden’s 2019 Innovative Educators Institute. Luther connects her personal experience of the restorative power of being in nature to the land restoration project at Faville Grove that she discovered through her work with Of Water Land and Sky. This issue is available digitally (download a copy here), and a free print edition is available for schools and individuals.

Luther is now at work on the second issue. We are sure that Reading the Landscape will become an excellent resource for educators and their students, for families, and ultimately—when the gates open again—for visitors to Lynden.

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