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Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action
Jordan Dunn
(Poetry, Natural History $25.00, tax included)
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Also available locally from Woodland Pattern Book Center and Lion's Tooth in Milwaukee and Passages Bookshop in Portland.

Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action explores the perception of landscape through language. Alongside his own poetic inquiries, the author recombines and permutes text from the work of natural historians who wrote in the 18th and 19th centuries, including George Perkins Marsh, Mary Somerville, and Henry Thoreau. Catalogs, footnotes, lists, textual echoes, and illustrations correspond to form a reimagined public domain.

Jordan Dunn is the author of Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action (Partly Press, 2022) as well as numerous pamphlets and ephemeral prints including Common Names, Reactor Woods, The Land of Little Rain, and Cedar Lake: August 2, 2017. He lives with his family in Madison, WI where he edits and publishes Oxeye Press.

Also Available:
Stars Seen Then
Merrill Gilfillan
with drawings by
Sarah Gail Luther
(Poetry, Art $18.00, tax-included)
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Also available locally from Woodland Pattern Book Center and Lion's Tooth in Milwaukee, Inga Bookshop in Chicago, and Passages Bookshop in Portland.

Partly Press announces their first book-length publication, a collection of new poems by Merrill Gilfillan  with drawings by Sarah Gail Luther. This is poetry of attuned vision and attentive listening. Luther’s  landscape line drawings meet Gilfillan’s poetic line in corresponding ​nostos

Constellation: “Scissortail”
  Standing here below.
  Years later, and your letter.
  We meet by the river.
  Stars slowly but surely 
  at the oxbow bend— 
     (Stars seen then
     (as birds see men.

from Troubadour Downs: Three Songs
(Stars Seen Then, Partly Press 2020)

Merrill Gilfillan​ was born in Mount Gilead, Ohio, in 1945 and studied literature at the University of  Michigan and the Iowa Writers Workshop. His first book of poems appeared in 1970. Recent books include ​Talk Across Water: Stories Selected and New​ (Flood Editions, 2019) and ​Old River, New River: A Miscellany​ (Red Dragonfly Press, 2019). After thirty years in the American West, Gilfillan now lives in Asheville North Carolina.

Sarah Gail Luther​ is a Milwaukee-based artist who lovingly explores and documents the familiar, the average, or the forgotten. The result of these inquiries is always a little different, but often they manifest in drawings, performances, public events, or distributable objects. Her work strives to build an understanding of its subject, not necessarily to elevate it, but to appreciate its intricacies, humor, or humanity.

Partly Press ​was established in 2018 to extend the Lynden mission of offering a unique experience of art in nature. Partly takes its name from the final manuscript assembled by poet, essayist, and teacher  Jack Collom (1931 - 2017). We’re interested in Art, Ecology, and Natural History. What stops us in our tracks? A well made poem-as-object or radically specific landscape poem. 

Pataphysical Alphabet, Anne Kingsbury

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