Outdoor Tree Yoga

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 10 am-12 pm

A Workshop with Todd Dybul, CYT, RYT


Fee: $44/$40 members
Registration: Space is very limited; advance registration required.

Add an entirely new dimension to a beginning or existing yoga practice.

Tree yoga is a creative form of yoga practice that employs a specially designed yoga sling suspended from one of our friends in nature--the tree. We’ll learn to engage the breath and explore a gentle fusion of traditional and tree yoga-specific postures with the slings, including suspended back bends, forward folds and inversions that calm the mind and enhance flexibility, strength and balance--all while simply having fun.

All abilities welcome, however, not recommended for those unable to take inverted positions. All participants will be encouraged to move safely and to take postures suited to the level of their ability.

About Todd Dybul

Todd Dybul is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Durango/Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Program; a Registered Yoga Teacher. He has aligned a lifetime passion for eastern philosophy and movement arts with a path of teaching others through yoga therapy, tai chi, reiki, meditation mentoring and eastern movement instruction. More information: www.yogawerx.com

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