Lynden's Garden Series: Companion Planting with Organic Pesticides

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 1-3 pm

A Workshop with Joel Hitchcock Tilton


Fee: $15/$10 members (Fee includes a jar of organic pesticide concentrate to take home.)
Registration: Registration is closed.

This series of workshops takes a broad view of what it means to garden. Whether you consider yourself a backyard gardener, a forager, a farmer, or a steward of the land, the Garden Series will have something for you. From formal garden design to identifying and learning to use wild growing plants, we span a range of techniques and philosophies. Because of the range of subjects covered, these classes can be enjoyed by new and experienced gardeners alike.

Controlling pests is part of every gardener’s life, and grower Joel Hitchcock Tilton encourages us to consider methods of pest control that are not inherently harmful to the earth and those that occupy it. Companion planting--encouraging plants to thrive by planting them in combinations that provide essential nutrients, deter pests, attract pollinators, or offer structural support—is one such technique. The workshop will include a brief overview of the theory and benefits of companion planting, as well as an introduction to the most widely used organic pest control methods and their proper implementation. Hitchcock Tilton will finish by demonstrating how to make your own organic pesticide for garden use.

About Joel Hitchcock Tilton
Joel Hitchcock Tilton is originally from Wisconsin. He has been living and growing in New Orleans for the past 12 years. He runs a network of urban gardens, grows produce, manages greenhouses, and raises sheep, goats, chickens, pigeons, and bees.

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