The Landscape of Memory, Loss and Desire: A Performance Workshop with Jennifer Holmes

Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 1 pm-4 pm

The Landscape of Memory, Loss, and Desire A Performance Workshop with Jennifer Holmes, August 2, 2015

Pegi Christiansen’s residency at Lynden is built around the idea of distance. Early on she reached out to three other artists critical to her development as a performance artist--Theresa Columbus in Baltimore, Jennifer Holmes in Los Angeles, and John Loscuito in Fort Myers, Florida--and the four started creating art together last September. This project, Distance, will culminate in an exhibition and performance at Lynden on October 10-11.

One of the things Christiansen and her collaborators do every month is make "exquisite corpses." Although it may sound a bit gruesome, it is a terrific way of making work together--even if you are far apart--and has long been popular with artists and writers interested in ways to accumulate images and words. Pegi used to make exquisite corpse drawings with her daughter Caitlin on plane rides. Cait would draw a head toward the top of a sheet of paper, and then fold it over so Pegi could only see the marks for the neck. Then Pegi would shield the paper from Cait and draw a body, folding the paper again so only her marks for the start of the legs showed. Cait would finish and then they would unfold the paper to see the full picture. Theresa Columbus will show you how to do this in her morning workshop for children.

As Christiansen and her fellow artists have been building their project, they have been weaving images and words at a distance. The artists are meeting at Lynden in August and will use their proximity to start weaving in movement and voices. Jennifer Holmes will lead an afternoon performance workshop for adults based on the same kind of interdisciplinary weaving, all in three hours instead of a year.

The Landscape of Memory, Loss, and Desire
A Performance Workshop with Jennifer Holmes

Fee: $45/$40 members
Registration: Registration for this workshop is now closed.

In this interdisciplinary workshop we will weave together the disciplines of inner-reflection, writing, movement, and drawing, culminating in a collaged autobiographical performance. Please wear movement friendly clothes.

About Jennifer Holmes

Three of Jennifer Holmes’s favorite words are juxtaposition, conflation, and collaboration. Holmes has spent many an hour and a day working with others to facilitate and direct performances, and has taught writing and performance workshops in the United States and in Europe. After completing her Masters and PhD from Northwestern University, she lived in New York City and in Milwaukee, where she taught numerous workshops at Woodland Pattern. She has been fortunate to study and collaborate with many interesting artists at Directors Lab West, the Leon Katz Rodolphi International Theatre Laboratory, the British American Drama Academy, and the Designer/Director Collaborative Intensive at the Kennedy Center. She was the first director from the United States to bring an English-speaking production to the ENITBAR-International Theatre Festival in Barranquilla, Colombia. A theatre professor at Whittier College, (outside of Los Angeles), Holmes has directed and facilitated over fifty productions, including Love and Information, Angels in America, part 1, RENT, Lorca in a Green Dress, The Crucible, Into the Woods, and Iphigenia and Other Daughters. Holmes is also the director of the Los Angeles Integrated Arts Program and the Center for Collaboration with the Arts at Whittier College.

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