Lynden's Garden Series: Garden Design

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 10-11:30 am

A Talk with Michelle Zimmer

Garden Design with Michelle Zimmer

Free to members or with admission to the sculpture garden.

This workshop is part of Lynden's Garden Series, a series of workshops throughout the spring and summer of 2017 that take a broad view of what it means to garden. For more information, click here.

Garden design is at least a craft and in some cultures rises to an art form. Using living plants as the medium the designer must take into account the added elements of location, the laws and whims of nature, and the inevitable changes that come with the passage of time. Designing a garden to complement the newly installed Bonsai exhibit, planted this May, was a happy but surprisingly complex process. Join me for an informal presentation/discussion of the design process for these new perennial gardens. Bring your imagination and be prepared to walk and talk as we look at the garden from many points of view.

About Michelle Zimmer

Michelle Zimmer is a bonsai hobbyist, amateur naturalist, and garden lover.

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