Ecosystem in a Bottle

Sunday, October 2, 2011 – 12:30-2:30 pm

Free to members or with admission to the sculpture garden.
 Younger children should be accompanied by an adult.

Aquatic-biologist-in-residence Christine Kozik will introduce you to food webs, lake ecology and the key players in aquatic ecosystems. From there, you’ll hike to Mud Lake and Big Lake to collect organisms that will be used to create individual aquatic ecosystems back in the studio. We provide the flasks for your ecosystems, and you get to take them home.

This is a family-friendly workshop; prepare to get a little messy. You are welcome to bring aquatic plants and specimens from your own favorite lakes and ponds to use in your project. And, if you’ve been wondering about that water plant or aquatic insect in your backyard, neighborhood or local park, bring it along (or bring a photo), and we’ll try to identify it.

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