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April 25, 2021 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

In collaboration with Tables Across Borders


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The HOME Refugee Steering Committee at Lynden and Tables Across Borders invite you to join us for the fourth episode in our (virtual) bimonthly community cooking series. Tables Across Borders is a global food tour collaboration highlighting local refugee chefs and the cuisines and cultures of refugee communities in Milwaukee. The community cooking series is an opportunity for chefs across cultures to share tips and recipes from their own cuisines while also allowing us to explore how cuisines cross-pollinate as people migrate and need to adapt techniques and ingredients in a new homeland. Cooking is a place where we interact, exchange, borrow, and invent and imagine new ways of being with each other. In this episode, we feature head chef Tahani Fadel from Syria as she creates decadent desserts such as Harisi, also known as Semolina cake, with participating chefs from various refugee communities in Milwaukee, including Tables Across Borders chefs Ifrah Yusuf (Somali), Abebech Jima (Ethiopia), Hasina Begum Ashraf Mia (Rohingya), Paw May June (Karen), and Zinath and Abdul Ghafar (Burmese). Sponsored by Our City of Nations (OCON).

Visit the HOME virtual platform at https://www.home-at-lynden.org for recipes and to sign up for the HOME e-list.

More about Tables Across Borders
Coordinated by Kai Gardner Mishlove, Tables Across Borders is a global food collaboration highlighting the cuisines of refugee chefs by linking great chefs together and creating connections to Milwaukee-area restaurants, such as Amilinda, The Tandem, Tricklebee Café, and beyond.
More information available at https://www.facebook.com/Amilindatandemtricklebee/

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