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Sunday, September 4 2022

September 4, 2022 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm


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Open Kitchen (OK) debuts OK*mmmm (*milwaukee masa mole mill), an experimental traveling wet mill installation designed to process culturally significant ingredients and recipes in two acts. The first act mills Wisconsin-grown varieties of nixtamalized corn into fresh tortillas. The second act harvests locally grown ingredients from OK’s Riverwest garden, the Lynden’s Cultural Garden, the gardens of neighbors, and farmers markets, all of which will compose a mole sauce. Together, the two acts propose a framework for investigating and critiquing a range of conflicts in our local foodways. For this program, Rudy and Alyx will mill the corn and mole paste, make and cook tortillas, and talk about their food work. Chatting encouraged! Samples will be served at the end.

About Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen (OK) is a Milwaukee-based art collective founded in 2017. OK stages events, installations, and a residency program that engages the public in critical cross-cultural conversations on food, identity, and ecology. Each of the programs takes shape through regional and seasonal food-related research projects, gastronomic gatherings, interdisciplinary collaborations, and site-specific happenings. In early 2022, Open Kitchen became stewards of Lynden’s Cultural Garden, a space that reflects Lynden’s work with refugee and displaced communities. As stewards of the garden, OK will produce a field guide to amateur gardening, drawing on a year’s worth of planning, preparing, and maintaining a sustainable food ecology.

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