YouSnow pt. 2

March 8, 2011

While Winter Carnival attendees participated in art workshops and tours of the grounds, the YouSnow projects began to take shape. As a snowfall befitting a Winter Carnival began, the artists kept working and tried to stay warm!

Cody Frei takes a hot beverage break in the midst of snownut production.

Taking directions via cellphone from a friend in Madison, Sara Caron leaves breadcrumb trails across the garden.

Amanda Tollefson communes with nature.

Katie Kraft conjures a warmer season with her choice of sculpting tool, a beach bucket.

Meanwhile, Santiago Cucullu and Colin Matthes continue to erect their snow wall. Despite some warmer temperatures this past week, the wall remains intact on the far side of the lake.

In the lake, Roy Staab and his team work in several inches of water to dig out snow and slush in geometric patterns.

Spectators watch as Richard Galling works on digging out his area and making piles from the snow.

KT Hancock, Sam Scheller, and Tina Graziano amass snow in a split tree trunk.

The Pergl team expand their path, working to complete their sculpture before judging begins.

For a very comprehensive collection of photos from the Winter Carnival, visit our flickr page.

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