Wild Space in the Garden

August 26, 2010

If you’ve been to Lynden, you know that the reception desk where I spend my Wednesdays offers one of the best views of the grounds (apart, of course, from actually being outside). Through a panel of glass doors, I can see a great deal of the garden: works by Aldo Calo and Bernard Heiliger to my left; the Big Lake in front of me, home to Marta Pan’s Floating Sculpture No. 3, which drifts in and out of view; and to my right, an expanse of garden that includes many of our bigger pieces, like Mark di Suvero’s Lover, which seems to change color depending on the sunlight and time of day.

Lately, I’ve also been able to watch Wild Space Dance Company rehearsing in preparation for A Place for Everything, their upcoming performance at Lynden. Artistic director Debra Loewen and her dancers have been working up at the garden every Wednesday (as well as many other days during the week), seemingly impervious to the discomforts of extreme heat or mosquitoes. The garden offers a myriad of environments to work in and interact with, and Wild Space appear intent on exploring them all. Last week dancers were rehearsing in and around Kevin Giese’s outdoor installation Immigrant, and this week several brave members of the crew were wading into Little Lake. From my desk, I’ve enjoyed these exciting glimpses into their process, and I’m looking forward to their performance.


A Place for Everything runs Sep. 9-11th, 7:30 pm.
For tickets and directions call 414-271-0307, or visit www.wildspacedance.org

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