Weaving Between Structures: May Be Bridge

April 5, 2013

May Be Bridge

IMG_6272maybe bridge color

Approaching a wooden footbridge that seems to rally in light,
bearing the signifier of a potentially slippery response
motioning forward and pausing, struck
wondering emotively, if I turn around
will everything slip and rearrange itself?

IMG_6271maybe caution color


I scan the surface of the terrain sheeted still with virgin snow
noting checkpoints for shadow shelter, including
a twisturned obelisk on an island of moist dead grass, squishy
two figures pockmarked by time, holding hands
compelled into vastness
as if sleepwalking for centuries


I want to run across their expanse


Weaving Between Structures is a first person serial poem of concussed cartography and explorative dispatch, abstracting a state of continuous arrival in the surreal landscape that is Lynden Sculpture Garden. These writings are responses to time spent investigating and imagining the garden as both a full character with distinctive personality traits and a broad world with its own rules and ecosystems living inside of it.

Weaving Between Structures is a recurring feature on this blog by Lynden Sculpture Garden Blogger-in-Residence WC Tank. To learn more about his work, click here.

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