Weaving Between Structures: Invisible Threads

May 10, 2013

Invisible Threads

Stepping off and double taking
notation of footprints, the cache of paths
recalling bluntly the twigs that snapped
when I racked my focus between
the multiverstaircase adjacent to the hand fan

IMG_6260multiverstaircase and handfan

waving at me

climbing stairs through threads between barriers
exposing both boundaries and connections

the branching tracks of some large mechanical animal
foreign or domestic depends on perspective

IMG_6239rule of thirds

there is a magnetism between the motionless


Weaving Between Structures is a first person serial poem of concussed cartography and explorative dispatch, abstracting a state of continuous arrival in the surreal landscape that is Lynden Sculpture Garden. These writings are responses to time spent investigating and imagining the garden as both a full character with distinctive personality traits and a broad world with its own rules and ecosystems living inside of it.

Weaving Between Structures is a recurring feature on this blog by Lynden Sculpture Garden Blogger-in-Residence WC Tank. To learn more about his work, click here.

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