Weaving Between Structures

March 22, 2013

We're excited to introduce Weaving Between Structures, a new recurring feature on this blog by Lynden Sculpture Garden Blogger-in-Residence WC Tank. To learn more about his work, click here.


Weaving Between Structures is a first person serial poem of concussed cartography and explorative dispatch, abstracting a state of continuous arrival in the surreal landscape that is Lynden Sculpture Garden. These writings are responses to time spent investigating and imagining the garden as both a full character with distinctive personality traits and a broad world with its own rules and ecosystems living inside of it.


As I remove the parachute from over my eyes
I pan my circumference around a horizon spotted
with forms whose immediate visages do not inform motion
yet an undulating stillness cries contrary silently
through an air permeated by fertile invisibility

Expeditions begin with perimeter pondering
through deep winter trudge
beneath hibernating hives
and a blue jay swooping from an interstellar waterslide
thinking its easy to treat behemoths as islands

Until I’m weaving between structures noting
their unseen interconnectivity
The sculpted seem to want to be trees
and the different shades of these reprieve a rupturing
synthesis with an unscalable white wall sleeping on its back

Veined with the shadows of modernist bone
and the footprints of something small
I follow in parallel with what once ran
tailed by the faint scratches of frozen leaves
gliding across the ice like glass tumbleweeds

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