Dan Nauman’s Patio Railing

August 3, 2010

Dan Nauman's railing in progress
Dan Nauman's railing in progress

Metalsmith Dan Nauman of Bighorn Forge installed several more sections of his bronze patio railing yesterday. There’s still one section to go, and we hope to have the complete railing within three weeks. Dan has been tracking this project on his blog at www.bighornforge.wordpress.com. He is also making the gates for our entrance and exit; his distinctive metalwork is a major element in the design of the new Lynden Sculpture Garden.

As Dan installed, Patrick Kernan of our facilities and maintenance staff was working on the landscape just below the retaining wall. His rearrangement of trees, shrubs and plantings will cut down on the maintenance required in that area and will, with Dan’s railing, create a strong visual statement as visitors move up the bluestone path to the entrance of the house.

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