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In 2017 we...

Made connections: between art and nature, between students and learning, between teachers and mentors, between artists and audiences. This year, we served more than 5000 children and youth--and, thanks to your generosity, more than half of them without charge--with our place-based education programs. These programs provide young people with skills and approaches to apply in the places closest to them: their school environments and home neighborhoods. Our newest field trip, Eliza’s Peculiar Cabinet of Curiosities, uses artist Fo Wilson’s installation to explore the imaginative and material worlds of a 19th-century woman of African descent, and opens up a space for critical discussions of slavery, civil rights, social justice, and Black identity and imagination.

Put ideas into action, inviting artists for residencies that allowed them to pursue research, develop projects, and share their work with the public. As filmmaker Portia Cobb began her garden- and performance-based residency project, she called on vocalist Benjamin Seabrook and textile artist Arianne King Comer to join her. They responded with a performance celebrating Gullah culture and an open-air indigo dyeing studio that brought hundreds of community members to Lynden and covered the lawn with beautifully patterned recycled clothing. Choreographer Reggie Wilson returned for three weeks to meet with scholars and artists as we laid the groundwork for a Fist and Heel Institute--a platform that brings Wilson’s choreographic approach and interdisciplinary thinking back to his hometown--and planned a participatory performance of his latest work, Citizen, in 2018.

Made meaning and stimulated the imagination, enabling people of all ages and abilities to understand, expand, and respond to the world around them. In 2017 our exhibitions featured artists, such as Cecelia Condit and Katy Cowan, who explore nature, landscape, and the sustainability of our environment in their work. We built, in collaboration with the Milwaukee Bonsai Society and Milwaukee Bonsai Foundation, the seasonal Bonsai Exhibit, demonstrating the deep affinity between sculpture and bonsai and introducing thousands to this art. We offered more than 50 artist-led workshops for adults, added more workshops for gardeners, and created programs for children that ranged from gatherings for the very, very young to weekly art drop-ins and summer camps.

Your support matters. Lynden has become a vibrant laboratory--for artists, educators, students and the general public--that explores the intersection of art and nature, and a treasured oasis of tranquility. Your assistance helps us sustain Lynden as a vital site for inquiry, experimentation, and enjoyment.

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