nAbr Gallery: Hideous Beast - Resort

Hideous Beast: Resort

November 23, 2013-December 31, 2013
Opening: Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 2-4 pm

Resort is the latest in a series of installations that investigates survivalist culture. Situated in the Lynden Sculpture Garden, nABr Gallery stands among other outdoor sculptures as a representation of traditional indoor spaces of presentation (four white walls). Hideous Beast has attached a series of ten-foot-high periscopes to this structure that can be used to survey the surrounding landscape and sculptures. This intervention inverts the traditional relationship of the viewer to the gallery space, allowing vision to extend beyond its walls. Other projects in this series have explored similar forms and methods of separating oneself from the world in order to gain a clearer picture of it. For survivalists, this act, rooted in fear, is a planned defense against future threats. Resort is an attempt to understand this culture of fear; to ask if art production and presentation could be embedded in the same conditions; and to investigate how the two cultural spheres might affect one another.

About the Artists

Hideous Beast is a Chicago-based collaborative effort between Josh Ippel and Charles Roderick. They have worked together since 2004, organizing participatory events, publishing how-to manuals and, most recently, creating interactive sculptures and installations that examine survival culture. Hideous Beast has exhibited their work at a variety artist-run spaces, galleries, museums and festivals nationally and internationally. More information on Hideous Beast at

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