Call and Response 2023

Throughout 2023

According to artist Daniel Minter, “by sharing space, you make it larger.” At Lynden, we share space—and make it larger--by creating the conditions for thoughtful production, fruitful collaboration, and innovative presentation for artists of color. Since 2015, Call & Response--a cumulative, cross-disciplinary, community-focused, artist-driven initiative--has brought together artists, scholars, educators, and community members to construct a space for artists of color to celebrate the radical Black imagination as a means to re-examine the past and imagine a better future. We build the Call & Response community through residencies, exhibitions, performances, educational and public programs, and collaborations and site visits with new artists.

This summer we bring the current phase of Daniel Minter’s two-year-long project, In the Healing Language of Trees, to a close with a ceremonial installation and a symposium that gathers Call & Response artists and Minter’s chosen interlocutors from around the country to consider “Embodying Memory, Medicine, and Power in Material and Process.” We open an exhibition, Material Trance with Afro-Brazilian artist Eneida Sanches, who will also teach in our Innovative Educators Institute for K-12 teachers. Sanches was invited into Call & Response by Daniel Minter, and her exhibition extends a collaboration they began in 2019. Reggie Wilson returns for a residency to plan the next stage of his work at Lynden, inviting guests such as Indigenous artist Nicholas Galanin. Arianne King Comer will be at Lynden for a two-week residency in July, resuming her open-air batik studio and inviting all those who participated in the HEALING COATS exhibition to join her for workshops. These workshops will bring together local refugees, members of Indigenous, immigrant, and Black communities, and artists from further afield who Comer invited to create coats. The exhibition begins to tour in the fall, and we have been filming video interviews with the makers that will travel with the show. Portia Cobbvinaugurates a bottle tree sculpture created by Glenn Williams with a performance based on female seeking rituals across the African Diaspora. She will work with Comer on costumes and with the Jazzy Jewels, an elder line dance troupe with whom we have worked for many years. In the autumn, we open an exhibition with artist LaNia Sproles, a former Nohl Fellow.

For information on past Call & Response programming: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Additional Call & Response programming will be announced as it is scheduled.

Lynden’s Call & Response programming is supported by the Brico Fund, the Chipstone Foundation, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Herzfeld Foundation, the Joyce Foundation (In the Healing Language of Trees), the Ruth Foundation for the Arts, and several individual donors.

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