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July 7, 2020 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

I Was Told It Would Get Easier 720 medium

Margy Stratton, founder and executive producer of Milwaukee Reads produces this series of events featuring writers of particular interest to women.

Lynden Sculpture Garden's Women's Speaker Series and Boswell Books welcome Abbi Waxman, author of I Was Told It Would Get Easier, for a virtual, BYOS (bring-your-own-snack) conversation with MKE Read's Margy Stratton on Tuesday, July 7, 7 pm.

Registration: Register for the free Zoom event here. Order your copy of I Was Told It Would Get Easier from Boswell Book Company here:

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About I Was Told It Would Get Easier

Stuck in a bus full of strangers, mother-daughter duo Jessica and Emily Burnstein watch their carefully mapped-out college tour devolve into something far less predictable.

Jessica and Emily have very different ideas of how this college tour should go.

For Emily, it's a last-ditch effort to get excited about her future, because every day in the present feels like such a slog. Can’t she just skip straight to the adulting part? It looks so much easier…at least on social media.

For Jessica, it's a chance to bond with the daughter she seems to have lost. They used to be so close, but then Goldfish crackers and Play-Doh were no longer enough of a draw. She isn't even sure if Emily likes her anymore. To be honest, Jessica isn't entirely sure she likes herself.

Together with a dozen strangers--and two familiar enemies--Jessica and Emily travel the East Coast, meeting up with family and old friends along the way. Surprises and secrets threaten their relationship and, in the end, change it forever.

About the Author

Abbi Waxman was born in England in 1970, the oldest child of two copywriters who never should have been together in the first place. Once her father ran off to buy cigarettes and never came back, her mother began a highly successful career writing crime fiction. She encouraged Abbi and her sister Emily to read anything and everything they could pull down from the shelves, and they did. Naturally lazy and disinclined to dress up, Abbi went into advertising, working as a copywriter and then a creative director at various advertising agencies in London and New York. Clients ranged from big and traditional, (AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, IBM, American Express, Unilever, Mercedes-Benz) to big and morally corrupt (R. J. Reynolds) to big and larcenous (Enron). Eventually she quit advertising, had three kids and started writing books, TV shows and screenplays, largely in order to get a moment’s peace.

Abbi lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three kids, three dogs, three cats, a gecko, two mice and six chickens. Every one of these additions made sense at the time, it’s only in retrospect that it seems foolhardy.

July 19, 2020 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

In collaboration with Tables Across Borders

Samosas made by refugee chefs with Tables Across Borders

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Watch the preview video here.

The HOME Refugee Steering Committee at Lynden and Tables Across Borders invite you to join us for the first episode in our (virtual) bimonthly community cooking series.

Tables Across Borders is a global food tour collaboration highlighting local refugee chefs and the cuisines and cultures of refugee communities in Milwaukee. With restaurants closed during the pandemic, TAB is sharing the skills of its chefs through these online cooking classes. The community cooking series is an opportunity for chefs across cultures to share tips and recipes from their own cuisines while also allowing us to explore how cuisines cross-pollinate as people migrate and need to adapt techniques and ingredients in a new homeland. Cooking is a place where we interact, exchange, borrow, and invent and imagine new ways of being with each other.

In the Great Sambusa Community Cooking Class, you will learn how to make your own sambusas by cooking along with featured chef Hasina Begum Ashraf Mia. Sambusas, also known as samosas, are common across many cultures: they are portable treats that encase (usually) savory fillings in baked or fried pastry. Hasina will be joined by Norjan Jaan, Rahena Aziz, Ifrah Yusuf, May June Paw, Sumeya Osman and other Tables Across Borders chefs who will be cooking their own version of the sambusa, sharing tips, and illustrating the way cuisines mix and grow in new places.

Visit the HOME virtual platform at for Hasina’s samosa recipe and to sign up for the HOME e-list.

About Hasina Begum Ashraf Mia
Hasina Begum Ashraf Mia is a Rohingya refugee community leader from Myanmar/Malaysia. Prior to resettling to Milwaukee, Hasina was the head and supervisor of a refugee kindergarten learning center under the Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign. Through leading this work, Hasina played a pivotal role in developing strategy and approaches to case management, community health clinics, resettlement issues, and arrest and detention faced by her community. In Milwaukee, Hasina continues to lead, organize, and support community initiatives and events, including advising community advocates on refugee issues, presenting Rohingya/Burmese/Malaysian cuisine for Tables Across Borders, organizing and participating in community fashion shows and celebrations, co-coordinating Lynden's HOME event for World Refugee Week, and impacting and involving community members in the arts. Through her life's work, and inspired by the active Lynden community, Hasina's interests and involvement include batiking with textile artist Arianne King Comer and community worker/artist Kim Khaira, modelling for Rosemary Ollison's Beyond Fashion show, and building the refugee and immigrant community through HOME.

More about Tables Across Borders
Coordinated by Kai Gardner Mishlove, Tables Across Borders is a global food collaboration highlighting the cuisines of refugee chefs by linking great chefs together and creating connections to Milwaukee-area restaurants, such as Amilinda, The Tandem, Tricklebee Café, and beyond.
More information available at

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